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Nothing Sparkles Like A Smile

Make salon experiences more rewarding!

Manage payments, set auto fill-ups, and give gifts with a PS Celebration Account!

Residents Earn Rewards When:


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$5 when each Family Member or Friend accepts an invite to Connect and Gift a resident’s PS Celebration Account


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$1 for every $25 fill-up spent on services and products in the salon

rewards example For every $100 fill-up PS adds a bonus dollar!


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$5 for every resident’s birthday
(just because!)

How To Join The Celebration

  • Quickly set up a secure account with basic resident information and purchase your first gift
  • Our salon and spa ‘PS Pros’ will connect your gift with your loved one’s Celebration Account
  • Once connected, your loved one will have immediate access to your gift
  • Make additional gift purchases at any time and enjoy the peace of mind of providing your loved one with the services and products they love!

Whatever the occasion, PS is here to help you celebrate!

We Are Here To Help

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at customerservice@salonps.com, at 888.444.9974 or fill out the form below